A Story consists of two Parts: of History and Character. They are dependent on each other, for the Story to complete. But let us from the Usual place to differ and another Look at the History and Character of Throwing.

  • At the Heart of each Story, a Character, a Action and makes a Discovery.
  • The STRUGGLE is the Action of External Forces, the narrative arc.

DISCOVERY (or Understanding) is Explanations.

The first is what he is in your Story: Action, Story arc, what your Character has to do.

The second is what Your Story REALLY is: Character and Intelligence.

In the following Examples, I have Struggle and on the Conclusions of real Nov Movies. To see if You can guess what the Movies are:

My Story is about a Girl who is in a terrible Situation of being caught and a better Life, he dreams, and the Obstacles she will have to overcome.

In my Story, it is that the Risk of safety risking us, by the Power of our true Self a reward.

My Story is about a selfish, greedy Guy who will do anything to save his Shop.

What is my Story is that our Wealth, our Will is measured, for Love (or others) to make Sacrifices.

My Story is one of Corruption and Police Roughness, the Good Guys, the Bad Guys.

What is my Story, it’s “What does Justice do?” What are we willing to do to get Justice?

My Story is that of an introverted Woman, her Sister must come to the Rescue. A lot of suspense, Twists and turns, until you finally, Evil is defeated, and her Sister, saves her.

What is my Story, this is the Story of a Woman who, according to a Hero in your Life and envy, but is uncertain, if you are not worthy to be loved, in the End discovers that you have your own Heroine can be and also true Love is rewarded.

Now, the Movies I have for these Examples have used:

  • Cinderella
  • Regenmänner
  • THE Confidential
  • Love affair with the Stone

But the first Example could also come from While You Were Sleeping, and the second Example could also come from Star Wars.

The first Step
The first Step in Defining the Struggle and Understanding is the unstiffened Incident. So let’s see, where I did my Entdeckungsgeschichten-Spellcaster class starts with the unstiffened Incident.

The unstiffened Incident is perhaps the most important Scene in Your Book. He must have Drama. It takes Emotions. The unstiffened Incident is the Backdrop to Its entire History.

Within the unstiffened Incident, we see the Character of Balance (which means that, in fact, we understand that this Event, the Figure of Balance), we feel that the Figure Struggle, the Balance to regain (to let us know exactly what the Morphology of your emotional Make-up, to resort to, if Things do not go as planned, and we are to receive at least a hint about the Antagonists (the Crisis, the Black Moment and Knowledge for the Character anticipates).

Plan Your unstiffened Incident
With so much Riding on the unstiffened Incident, as for everyone else, is it up to us to find?

Ask yourself: If Event X doesn’t happen, if my Character is still a Path to Change, though? If the Answer is no, is an X Event of the unstiffened Incident.

This Model requires You to take into account:

  • Who is your Story about?
  • What brings the Character to Balance?

What should the Character ultimately, and change it?
The unstiffened Incident is not a random Event. There must be a Meaning for the Rest of the Story. He likes to appear randomly from a Car Accident, a Execute, a Fiancé in Bed with your best friend, but this Event is shaken the World of your Protagonists.

And perhaps the most important Element:

  • The unstiffened Incident is NOT the Event. It’s a CHOICE, your Character inside the Event of the meeting, of the, his Life has changed.
  • So, now look at the Model one more time
  • There’s something going on

The Protagonist meets a Choice

And the STIMULATES the Story.

The participation of the Antagonist in the anstiftenden Incident
Ideally, You want the Event and the Choice of Antagonists to include it, because in this Way the Emotional Force to introduce it on the Protagonists of the vertical.

Here are Examples of anstiftende Incidents from some Movies:

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is Remorseful because of his job, writes the Mission statement and is going to get fired. Then he asks the one who is going to come with her. Dorothy accompanies.

An unfinished Life

Einar’s daughter-in-law, the Pass away of her Son, responsibility, dives with a granddaughter to, from the he did not know that he has it, and ask for a dwelling. He applies them to his granddaughter, is introduced. It allows you to stay, but it has no Use that you are there.

Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting must make an agreement with the math teacher to do to get out of the upcoming Cage, including Collaboration with the Teacher, and Visiting a Professional Therapist.

Two other Models
Remember, the Struggle is the Action of External Forces, the story arc. Is the science of Explanations.

Final Thoughts
Here is the Summary of Discovering these two Steps:
STEP ONE: Define the Who, What, Crisis and Resolution of Your Story

STEP TWO: Add these Elements using the previous Template in Absatzform one.

I teach in a Class with these Tools, called Discovering Stories (DSM), a master class with a famous 3-Step Method, this elusive Ability teaches: telling Stories.

Most of the Schreibbücher contain a very important Limitation of the “Narration”, “normally refers to an Element inside the great Narrative that cannot be taught. “Telling stories, they say, is more than what Can, Happiness, Sweat and Dedication. You either have it or you don’t.

I don’t agree.
The Technique of the Entdeckungsmagie reveals the different Authors, in their own Way, of what their Characters, their Stories and their particular Perspective. Very few Schreibbücher teachings simple, organic, for each Author Specific Process, for the History of nature to develop. This magical Ability of your own X-factor.

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