We witness a sixth Sense every Day.

If the Highway go down, You feel the persistent Need to abzukommen Street for the long Way home at ease. After in the Day, You notice that You have a terrible narrowly missed Accident.

A Parent who works at Home, suddenly has a Feeling that something is wrong. Without knowing why, he throws himself down the Stairs and finds his Child, on the Edge of a low level, the Abwasserlochs out of sight.

A Patient opens a new Medikamentenflasche and holds a Pill in her Hand. Something feels bad, but because your Doctor prescribes this Medicine, she takes it anyway, which, due to an Allergic Reaction to a trip to the emergency room leads.

Intuition affects us in various Ways.

Writing with the Sixth Sense

We have a sixth Sense is born, accustomed to a comfortable Situation or Story. Some of us can this Sense, better use the Emotions and Pains of others and perceive them. But you don’t have to empathize for the Sixth Sense of writing.

Writing fiction is like a Story about finding somewhere that happens, but you see and hear the Parts or, sometimes, whole Scenes in your Head. We know some Details of the Story intuitively. The other Information, lurking in the Dark, and waiting to be discovered.

“I see fictitious People. And they don’t know that they are fictitious.” – Stephanie Orges

We discover Scenes and organize Events around the personality and Needs of our Characters. Maybe that’s why our Characters refuse to do Things. I got a supporting role, a Father’s Trinkkumpel, from a requested Name Change. I got to a certain Scene is not over until, he received the Name. The Action was real! Now he is Hugo.

I’m not alone. According to Jim Davies’ Article: “Like Alice Walker, The Color Purple wrote, each of your Characters, not only from their own Actions, in the Act of choosing, but they regularly visited and commented, sometimes unwelcome, Walkers own Life.”

Opportunities for Your Sixth Sense to develop

Take me the Time

It is difficult to listen to Your Inner Voice, if the constant flow of Information about the World through the Electronic circuit distracts, as well as from other People and Situations according to Your Attention. Take some Time for “me” and listen to the Silence.

Listen to your Gut

Pay attention to these “Bauchgefühle.”They tend to us in the right Direction and from the Way.

Follow the Directions

Do you see something in the Eye? Do you still hear the same Melody? This allows Signals from the Universe Clues about His Life before.

Write Down Your Experiences

We think that we will “Glühbirnenmomente” us remember, but we do not always do it. Write them down. It’s terrible, a fantastic Action, and then, in the Whirlwind of the Day to lose.

Pay attention to your Dreams and Daydreams

Your Dreams serve you. You sometimes like enigmatic and strange, but it is instructive. Dream of a new World full of Interesting Stories and Possibilities.

Use a Traumtagebuch
If your Unconscious comes out, in your dream state, your two Forces are clashing in your Consciousness.

Writing Your Dreams, Memory can be in General.

Tips for Using a Traumtagebuchs You will find here.

Writers, Dreams and Nightmares are inspired
E. B. White
“Where did the Idea for Stuart Little and Charlottes Web come from? Now, several Years ago, I was one Night in an Eisenbahnschlafwagen went to Bed, and I have all night, a little Boy dreamed, rather like a Mouse behaved. So began the Story of Stuart Little.”

King Of Stephen

Kings Nightmare of Childhood, the Salem Fate of inspiration.:

“It was a Dream, I have hinaufkam Hill and at the top of this Hill, a Gallows was around Birds were flying. There was an Executioner there. He was dead, and not by Dislocation, but by Strangulation. I was able to recognize him, because his swollen, purple Face was. And as I approached him, he opened his Eyes, stretched out his Hands and grabbed me.”

Maya Angelou

Angelou, about the dream in General:

“I believe that Dreams have a Function. I don’t see anything that doesn’t work, nothing that has been created. I understand its Function maybe not, or can even use it to return it to you, but I believe there is a Reason. The Brain is so strange and admirable in its Secret. I think it creates a number of Things for itself, it creates Launch ramps and Rest Areas and it allows Steam and it is revised in itself.”

The following steps can help the oppressed sixth Sense to free themselves.

  • Do You have an Open Attitude. Accept the fact that you’re not in control of everything.
  • Listen to your Body. Respect your Limits.
  • Put Your Reason aside. Forget about Practice and think about what makes you happy.
  • Letting go and the Random Coin.
  • You can Relax. Rest Your Mind, in You to close your Eyes and think about losing and hearing Your Inner Voice.
    Meditation is an excellent Technique, if You have a lot of stress Dreams, Muscle Tension and Cramps can cause.

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