As I have with this Series on Sensory began to Write, I had not foreseen the Strength of Vision, in writing, to integrate. Everyone uses the sense of Sight, or?

People are unique in that, as in most matters, to See their own Senses use, which is why the Sense of Sight when Describing Scenes and Characters also often used.

When we wrote the use, our Characters, often, directed to what you see.


“When we arrived in the Winter Capital were changed the Corridors of something more or less smooth, Concrete poured the air, Ice in every Shade of Gletscherblau and -green, the Ribbons merged and verflechteten s’. Flashes of light danced in the Depths of the Ice like sloths, Fireflies of Purple and Purple, and cold, the blue of the Sky. My Eyes wanted the Lights to follow, but I didn’t let. I couldn’t tell you why, but my Gut tells me that being peril, and I listened.” – Jim Butcher, On Cold Days

Color is a great Tool to See it. It adds Life, Wealth and contributes to the Mood of to, in this matter—Fear. The Winter World in the Series, the Butcher of the city of Dresden is full of Betrayal and deception. A cold and powered Place. Fresh Colors strengthen the Tension.


“On the Periphery of his Vision, he felt the freshness of Movement. Two other assassin had enter the Room, their Rifles loderten. He rolled again, pulled again and saw that both fell. He remained on his knees, standing, ready and willing in every Direction, jumping. … The Senator crouched in the opposite Direction, frightened before every Movement and in his Surroundings. His Lips trembled and he moaned like a Child.” – David Ambrose, The Understated Charm of Charlie Monk

Art and Manner, like Characters in a Scene, illuminated by their Qualities and Emotions. In this matter, the Protagonist open and full of Energy (no doubt Adrenaline), while the Protector inside shot from it.


“The direct sunlight, the cessation of the ephemeral Breeze and the Return of Total Silence on the Cemetery made her uncomfortable. The Sun shone through you hindurchzugehen, as if it were transparent, and she was strange easy, almost weightless, and also slight dizziness. She felt as if in a Dream, hovering over an Unreal Landscape.” – Dean R. Koontz, Flash

Light acts on the Mood, both inside and outside.

Perhaps You have a Character who originally from a sunnier Place of origin and in the Pacific Northwest attracts, perhaps on the Oregon Coast. What do you think, as the Change of Light the Character’s state of mind could influence? Sad? Depressed? Enthusiastic? Assassin?

Here is an excellent List of Wetterbeschreibungen.

Visual Schreibaufforderung # 1

Find an interesting Photo.

  1. Close your Eyes and imagine Yourself in the Scene.
  2. Focus on some Parts first, and then get into the Back Thought and I look at the whole Scene.
  3. Is he familiar?
  4. How do you feel about doing it?
  5. What would you say Your Characters in this Context, do?
  6. Try to You, or other Sensory Information in Your WIP welcome.
  7. Try Yourself, the Top Image as Schreibaufforderung to use it and see where Your Imagination takes You.

Visual Schreibaufforderung # 2

Imagine Yourself in the Middle of Your Bedroom.

  • Look around you.
  • Take Notes on the Details
  • Staubhasen
  • Breadcrumb
  • On the Floor, Furniture or Basket drape Clothes
  • The textures of Bed Linen, Lamp, Lampshade
  • Books, Glasses, Empty plate
  • Maybe one of these Elements in His Story to adapt?

The sense of Sight in the different Genres of writing

View the Romance
“Sam handed me my Hot Chocolate and didn’t answer. But his Yellow Eyes looked possessive at me – I wondered if he realized that the Way he looked at me, much more devoted was as a Feeling could ever be.
I’m squatting for the Mandelrinde on the bottom of the Shelf in the Kitchen Counter. I wasn’t quite brave enough, one of the two to look, as I admitted… ‘well, it was Love at first Sight.'” – Maggie Her Father-in-law, Tremors

See with Humor

“No, because I want to get out.”
Expect”. He grabbed a Pencil and excitedly scribbled on the Paper, as if he had just mathematically managed to break through, and looked back at me. “I just did some Calculations and found that full of Shit.” – John Green, In Search of Alaska

View in Secret / Thriller

“I watched as you with the Moon gone, behind transparent Curtains, the Currents of Herdfeuers moving, through the Room was shaking.” – Gabriel F. W. Koch, Pass away leaves a Shadow

“Robin was a big Kid. Smarter than his Father at eight. She liked the strangest things. User guide for a Toy more than the Toy itself. The End Credits of a Movie instead of the Movie. The way a thing was written. The Expression on my Face. Once she said to me, I only see the Sun for you, because of my Hair. I asked her if I like the Sun to shine, and she said: “No, Dad, you seem more like the Moon, when it’s dark outside.” – Josh Malerman, Vogelkist

The Use of Sensory Details allows Its Readers to delve into the Story and the Feelings of the Characters to experience.

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